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Why Good Sports, Inc., Title IX and Gender Equity Specialists?

Good Sports, Inc., has 40+ years of experience analyzing athletics programs and identifying solutions to Title IX compliance problems.  Owner and Founder Valerie McMurtrie Bonnette co-authored the Title IX Athletics Investigator’s Manual issued by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), U.S. Department of Education. OCR enforces Title IX nationwide.

Good Sports, Inc., helps institutions of all sizes achieve Title IX athletics compliance. With clients and students from 48 states, we have consulted privately with institutions of all division levels of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA, as well as high schools in several states.

Our insight into OCR’s perspective is unparalleled.  With a focus on education, our Title IX athletics classes walk participants through the maze of Title IX athletics policies and explain how those policies are applied in practice to their athletics programs.  During the classes, participants analyze their own programs while learning the Title IX requirements.

Our consulting services include full and partial reviews, and may be tailored to specific requests. Full program reviews for all 13 Title IX athletics program components may be reserved for current and past clients, institutions with special circumstances, or in conjunction with education services.

For administrators who want to do it themselves, we have step-by-step instructions in our self-evaluation manuals / desk references: “Title IX and Intercollegiate Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English” and “Title IX and Interscholastic Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English.” These resources deliver a clear explanation of the Title IX athletics requirements, allowing educators to evaluate and achieve Title IX compliance.