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Tutoring services are intended to assist athletics staff, postsecondary and secondary school administrators, graduate and other students in understanding the Title IX requirements for athletics programs. Athletics or institution personnel may choose to review program documents during the tutoring session. Any analysis of documents requested by institution personnel apart from the tutoring session would be subject to higher consulting fees.

Sessions may include:

  • review of specific athletics program materials
  • guidance in analyzing: the three-part test, scholarships, coaching, facilities, recruitment, and other Title IX program components
  • chapter reviews of our self-evaluation manual / desk reference
Participants who do not already have a copy may wish to purchase either of the self-evaluation manuals / desk references produced by Good Sports, Inc. Tutoring sessions may review any or all of the 13 Title IX athletics program components addressed in detail by the manuals, in addition to the Part One overview regarding Title IX and enforcement history, how Title IX looks at the money, and analytical approaches to identify compliance concerns. Information about the manuals and order forms are at The cost of each manual is $109.00.
The 850-page and 700-page self-evaluation manuals and desk references are, respectively:

       “Title IX and Intercollegiate Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English”
       “Title IX and Interscholastic Athletics: How It All Works – In Plain English”

Number of Participants

Tutoring sessions are for one or two participants. Exceptions to the two-person limit are possible for special circumstances.

Length of Session

Tutoring sessions are a minimum of one hour and maximum of eight hours per day.

Location of Session

Tutoring sessions will be provided by telephone. Any documents that institution personnel may wish to review may be sent by e-mail and reviewed during the tutoring session. Otherwise, in-person tutoring sessions may be arranged in San Diego, California.


For one participant: $100.00 per hour, and $25 for every 15 minutes after the first hour. For two participants: $75 per person per hour, $25 per person for every 20 minutes after the first hour.


Payment shall be made at the time of the session by Visa or MasterCard. Otherwise, a check may be sent in advance of the session, payable to Good Sports, Inc., PO Box 500505, San Diego, CA 92150.

Scheduling a Tutoring Session

Tutoring sessions may be scheduled at any time that is mutually convenient, including during non-business hours and weekends. A tutoring session may be scheduled by calling Val Bonnette at Good Sports, Inc., at 858-695-9995 or by sending an e-mail to Val Bonnette at